Negev Rock Art - Book

Negev Rock Art - Book

The book presents interpretations of rock art from the Negev Desert, Israel. It reconstructs the beliefs of the ancient Negev Desert people, which were influenced by the cultures of Egypt and Sumer. The book argues that rock art is not a mere imitation of daily life; instead, it is a record of religious beliefs practiced long ago and not an expression of daily life.

The book sheds light on the ancient beliefs of the Negev Desert people, especially in relation to ancient astronomy and mythology. It explains how early humans conceptualized the Creation of the world, created the first Calendar and expressed their desire to reach paradise. After thousands of years of silence, the book provides a glimpse into the ancient civilization of the Negev Desert.

The book covers various topics related to the interpretation of rock art, including archaeology, astronomy, mythology, history, and religion. It provides numerous examples, that include:

Sun journey

The book contains 5 chapters and 147 figures. It includes Mythology, Astronomy, Archeology, and Deciphering. See examples of deciphered rock art in our Articles section and more in my book avaiable online.

Yehuda Rotblum