About Us

(Yehuda Rotblum wearing the yellow vest) In 1998, following a career in high-tech, I began working as a tour guide in the Negev Desert  Israel, unsure of what awaited me. The enigmatic Negev Desert rock art captured my interest, prompting me to investigate them further. Through collaboration with the Negev Desert Rock Art Forum, I began exploring rock art and gradually developed the rock art categories.

Countless hours traversing the desert helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the life played here, as the thousands of rock art indicate.  My first book, Heavenly Art published 15 years ago, unraveled the mystery of Rock Art. Five years later, I wrote my second book, Rock Art in Israel, a ripe and organized version that clarified the meaning of Rock Art.

The interpretations presented here are solely based on the rock art categories I developed through my research.   They were a surprise to me, as they conflicted with my intuition and initial assumptions. For me, this has been quite an experience, and I am sure it will be so for you. Throughout this journey, I have discovered that it is more difficult to understand the past than the future.