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God Names

Names of God

Rock Art and the Names of God Copyright © 2016 by Yehuda Rotblum The Hebrew script and its precursor, the Proto-Sinaic Alphabet, invented by Semites working in the Egyptian mines in Sarabit-el-Haddam. One of its variations traveled through the Negev Desert and established itself as a local Alphabet called Old Negev.Read More …

Ibex Hunt

Ibex Hunt Negev Desert Rockart

The Ibex that stole the Sun. Copyright © 2016 by Yehuda Rotblum According to a belief in Central Asia, from the Neolithic time, a volcanic fireball tossed from earth into the sky created the Sun. The underworld then was perceived as the sun home. The myth is describing the sunRead More …

Cosmic Egg Creation

Cosmis Egg Creation Rockart

Cosmic Egg Creation Copyright © 2016 by Yehuda Rotblum The many creation myths in the Fertile Crescent diffused into each other incorporating the region prevalent ideas. These mythological motifs include symbols of a primeval chaos,  wind, water,  the cosmic egg,   creation of human beings from mud, etc. In the region of Egypt,Read More …

Ibex and Santa

Ibex and Santa

Ibex and Santa Copyright © 2017 by Yehuda Rotblum The horned animal myths spread around the world is a proof of its strength and age. Its deep permeability into far and different cultures shows that the symbol existed for long times, his prominence is known from the Paleolithic times. TheRead More …

Venus Calendar

Venus 8 year cycle Rockart

Venus 8 year cycle calendar Copyright © 2016 by Yehuda Rotblum The Venus cycle, of 8 years, played an important role in verifying the match between the Sun and Moon cycles, which elevated Venus ranks equal to this of the Moon and Sun in Mesopotamia. Its cycle decoded in Babylon 1500BC.  Read More …

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