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Ibex and Rockart

Rockart and Ibex

Ibex and Rockart Copyright © 2018 by Yehuda Rotblum In  Near Eastern cultures, the ibex is the main motif in many scenes: on rockart, paintings on pottery, cylinder seals, and Kuduru (border stones). It is an enigmatic symbol and there is no equal to him in rockart appearance throughout the worldRead More …

Baal&Mot Cycle

Baal and Mot battle Negev Rockart

Baal and Mot Cycle Copyright © 2016 by Yehuda Rotblum In Canaanite belief, a constant struggle between good and evil is expressed in the myth of Baal and Mot. Ball and Mot were the sons of El, the supreme god of the Canaanites. Baal was associated with fertility and rain.Read More …

Paradise Map

Rockart Paradise

Paradise Map Copyright © 2016 by Yehuda Rotblum Paradise is not an earthly entity it is a concept that exists only in our imagination. It is a grand idea created by astute minds that invented a utopian final resting place. A paradise is a place of plentiful, a place whereRead More …

God Names

Names of God

Rock Art and the Names of God Copyright © 2016 by Yehuda Rotblum The Hebrew script and its precursor, the Proto-Sinaic Alphabet, invented by Semites working in the Egyptian mines in Sarabit-el-Haddam. One of its variations traveled through the Negev Desert and established itself as a local Alphabet called Old Negev.Read More …

Ibex Hunt

Ibex Hunt Negev Desert Rockart

The Ibex that stole the Sun. Copyright © 2016 by Yehuda Rotblum According to a belief in Central Asia, from the Neolithic time, a volcanic fireball tossed from earth into the sky created the Sun. The underworld then was perceived as the sun home. The myth is describing the sunRead More …

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