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Birds afterlife journey

birds rock art Negev Desert

Birds Afterlife Journey Rockart Deciphering Rockart from the Negev Desert the afterlife journey Copyright © 2018 by Yehuda Rotblum Birds have symbolic significance across cultures, relating to both life and death. In many cultures, they are used to soften the harsh finality of death by instilling the idea of renewal, transformation,Read More …

Rock Art in Israel

Book Rockart in Israel

Copyright © 2017 by Yehuda Rotblum New book explores the connection of Negev Desert Rock Art to Myths and Astronomy. It traces the Negev Desert pre-history through archeological remains such as Rock Art, Masseboth, Temples, and the Holy Mountains. It reconstructs the beliefs of the Negev Desert people through MythsRead More …

Sacred Marriage

negev desert rockart sacred marriage

The Sacred Marriage Copyright © 2018 by Yehuda Rotblum Fertility played a significant role in ancient times; its importance increased with the development of early agricultural. The sacred marriage was one of the rituals employed in fertility festivities. It was imagined as a marriage between Heaven and Earth when theRead More …

God Images

negev rockart

God images from the Fertile Crescent Nations Copyright © 2017 by Yehuda Rotblum In ancient times, there was a custom where each city-state in the Fertile Crescent had its protecting god; he was their ruler. People worshiped him and in return, their god would protect them. They credited their godRead More …

Fertility Rockart

rockart sniffing dog

Fertility scenes in the Negev Desert Rockart Rituals in Negev Desert, Egypt, and Canaan Copyright © 2018 by Yehuda Rotblum A man needed to assure nature rejuvenation, therefore, the earliest myths in the world promoted rituals that are connected to fertility, much before the agricultural revolution was established.  The ritualsRead More …

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