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Rock Art Ships

Rock Art Ships Negev Desert

Ships and boats in Negev Desert Rock Art, Israel Copyright © 2017 by Yehuda Rotblum You don’t expect to see sailing ships or boats in the desert. Surprisingly, many rock art in the Negev desert describes a scene with floating ships as if the arid desert is full of waterways. TheseRead More …

Ibex and Rockart

Rockart and Ibex

Ibex in Rock Art In Near Eastern cultures, the ibex appears in many scenes: on rock art, paintings, pottery, cylinder seals, and Kuduru (border stones). This enigmatic symbol, a major celebrity, has no equal in rock art representation throughout the world including the Negev Desert. The prevalence and endurance of thisRead More …

Paradise Map in Rock Art

Rockart Paradise

Paradise Map in Rock Art Paradise is not an earthly entity it is a concept that exists only in our imagination. It is a grand idea created by astute minds that invented a utopian final resting place for all of us. A paradise is a comfortable and predictable location of plentifulRead More …

Israel God Names

rock art Names of Israel God

Rock Art and Israel  God name YH. The earliest engraved forms of Israel God’s name found in the Negev Desert include names such as YAH,  YHH, all are variations of the Hebrew root word YH an Israel god proper name.  The Hebrew script and its precursor, the Proto-Sinaic Alphabet, invented by Semites workingRead More …

Ibex Hunt

Ibex Hunt Negev Desert Rockart

The Ibex that stole the Sun. According to a belief in Central Asia, from the Neolithic time, a volcanic fireball tossed from earth into the sky created the Sun. The underworld then perceived as the sun home from where it rose and set. The Ibex hunting scene, in Negev RockRead More …

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