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Fertility scenes in Rock Art

rock art sniffing dog fertility ritual

Sacred Marriage Fertility

negev desert rock art sacred marriage

Fertility Rituals Sacred Marriage in Negev Desert rock art It seems natural for early man to relate the heavenly mating of a sky god with the earth goddess as a catalyst for increased fertility. The celestial pairing of the two found its way in rituals of sexual nature intended to induceRead More …

Ugaritic Baal Cycle

Rock art Baal and Mot cycle Negev Rock art

Ugaritic Baal Cycle, Canaanite Myth According to Canaanite myth Baal and Mot, the two brothers and sons of El the Canaanites supreme god, engaged in a constant struggle. Baal is associated with renewal, fertility, and rain, and Mot is associated with death and the Underworld. This Canaanite myth circulated through the regionRead More …

Canaanite Creation Myth

Canaanite Creation Rock art Negtev Desert

Canaanite Creation from Cosmic Egg The creation epic, of the world and humans, repeats in many cultures.  It explains the world origins followed by the creation of man in a noble fashion befitting such a grandiose event. The beautiful Canaanite creation story, engraved in rock art, quoted here attests to theRead More …

Ship Afterlife Journey

afterlife bird and boat rock art

Afterlife Journey, the Negev Desert Ship Rock Art You don’t expect to see sailing ships or boats in the dry desert. Surprisingly, many Negev Desert rock art scenes show floating ships as if the arid desert is full of waterways. These are not earthly scenes they belong to the realm ofRead More …

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