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Fertility scenes in Rock Art

rockart sniffing dog fertility ritual

Fertility scenes in the Negev Desert Rock Art The lack of water in the desert facilitated its dwellers to promote fertility rituals, see Sacred Marriage, imitating nature rejuvenation where earth and water played a major role. In our region, the Negev Desert they adopted from Egyptian myths, especially from theRead More …

Ugaritic Baal Cycle

Rock art Baal and Mot cycleNegev Rockart

Ugaritic Baal Cycle, Canaanite Myth According to the myth Baal and Mot, the two brothers sons of El the Canaanites supreme god, engaged in a constant struggle. Baal is associated with renewal, fertility, and rain and Mot is associated with death and the Underworld. Ugaritic Baal Cycle a known Canaanite myth circulated throughRead More …

Canaanite Creation Myth

Canaanite cosmic egg creation

Canaanite Creation from Cosmic Egg The creation epic, of world and humans, repeats in different versions in many cultures. It is formulated as an imaginary story befitting such a grandiose event as the creation quote below demonstrates. Many creation stories exist in the world and one of them the CosmicRead More …

Fish Underworld Journey

fish underworld journey rockart

Fish Underworld Journey in Rock Art Deciphering Rock Art from the Negev Desert. The analysis of an ancient text, rock art iconography, reveals a deep belief in the afterlife from the Bronze age. Much is written about a horse, a dog, a bird, a sun, a ship, acting as anRead More …

Birds afterlife journey

aftrelife journey rockart

Birds Afterlife Journey myth and Rock Art Birds symbolic significance across cultures relates to both life and death. In many cultures, they appear in afterlife scenes affixed to the array of mental tricks that soften the harsh death finality by instilling the idea of renewal, transformation, and rebirth. The bird isRead More …

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