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Rock Art in Israel

Book Rockart in Israel

Rock Art in Israel New book explores the connection of Negev Desert Rock Art to Myth and Astronomy. It traces the Negev Desert pre-history by deciphering Rock Art  as influenced by the ancient civilization of Egypt and Sumer. The valuable collection of Rock Art deciphered sheds new light on theRead More …

ציורי סלע בנגב

ציורי סלע בנגב

 ציורי סלע בנגב – ספר יהודה רוטבלום במדבר הנגב התקיימו במשך אלפי שנים תרבויות של נוודים. הם הותירו לנו אלפי ציורי סלע שמהם ניתן ללמוד על אמונותיהם ודרך מחשבתם. הספר משחזר את ההוויה הפרה-היסטורית של נוודי המדבר, דרך עולמם הרוחני כמשתקף מנושאי ציורי הסלע. הוא  מנסה לחברם לחוכמת העבר בדמותRead More …

Deciphering Rock Art

Rock Art Calendars

How to Decipher Rock Art? Deciphering Rock Art may be a  complicated task but not impossible! Rock art is not art imitating life; it is a visual record of religious beliefs practiced long ago and not an expression of daily life.  Erase your modern bias, don’t judge rock art primitiveRead More …

Comets and Rock Art

comet rock art negev desert

Comets in Negev Desert Rock Art To an earthbound observer, a comet appears as a large star surrounded by bright transparent cloud with a tail that travels through the sky. Comets infrequent appearances in a relatively “known” sky captivated people and their interpretation has been found on rock art, coins,Read More …

God Images on Rock Art

negev rockart god image

God images from the Fertile Crescent Nations In ancient times, there was a custom where each city-state in the Fertile Crescent had its protecting god; he was their ruler. People worshiped him and in return, their god would protect them. They credited their god with magical powers that affected bothRead More …

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