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God Images on Rock Art

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God images from the Fertile Crescent and rock art We see in rock art the earliest recorded thoughts of a man much before ink and paper were invented. In the right context, rock art can reveal a  glimpse of how things were envisioned and gives us access to early imagesRead More …

Fertility scenes in Rock Art

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Fertility scenes in the Negev Desert Rock Art The earliest myths in the world promoted rituals that are connected to fertility and these were recorded on rock art for future generations. Their description is very different from how we envision fertility nowadays, as the following rock art deciphering demonstrates. TheRead More …

Sacred Marriage Fertility

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Fertility Rituals Sacred Marriage in Negev Desert rock art It seems natural for early man to relate the heavenly mating of a sky god with the earth goddess as a catalyst to promote fertility. The celestial pairing of the two found its way in rituals of sexual nature intended to induceRead More …

Ugaritic Baal Cycle

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Ugaritic Baal Cycle, Canaanite Myth One of the more popular myths circulating in the region of Canaan was the Baal Cycle myth and luckily for us, it was recorded in rock art and text. Its popularity stems from the lack of water in the region’s dry climate. This Canaanite myth describesRead More …

Canaanite Creation Myth

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Canaanite Creation from Cosmic Egg This unusual rock art describes the steps of creation according to the Canaanite Creation myth. The creation epic, of the world and humans, repeats in many cultures.  It explains the world origins followed by the creation of man in a noble fashion befitting such a grandioseRead More …

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