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Comets and Rock Art

Rock Art astronomy news. comet rock art negev desert

Comets in Negev Desert Rock Art Rock Art is a visual medium used to record unusual events that evoked people’s curiosity and even fear. Astronomical events had such an influence on people and they considered them to be messages from their gods. A quote by the Roman historian Pliny after JuliusRead More …

Maze and Rock Art

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Maze in Negev Desert Rock Art The maze shape in rock art immediately highlights a visual hardship the viewer encounters while watching it. The mind follows the maze entangled paths without apparent solution thus leaving the viewer with a feeling of confusion. The intent of using such a symbol, inRead More …

God Images on Rock Art

rock mart research news. rock art god image

God images from the Fertile Crescent and rock art We see in rock art the earliest recorded thoughts of a man much before ink and paper were invented. In the right context, rock art can reveal a  glimpse of how things were envisioned and gives us access to early imagesRead More …

Fertility scenes in Rock Art

rock art archaeology news. rock art sniffing dog fertility ritual

Fertility scenes in the Negev Desert Rock Art Many myths in the ancient world promoted fertility recorded also in rock art, the earliest form of documentation. The fertility rituals, in the Negev Desert, influenced by the myth of the Egyptian god Osiris. They re-enacted, symbolically, sexual acts as reproductive processes ofRead More …

Sacred Marriage Fertility

Rock Art News. negev desert rock art sacred marriage

Fertility Rituals Sacred Marriage in Negev Desert rock art It seems natural for early man to relate the heavenly mating of a sky god with the earth goddess as a catalyst to promote fertility. The celestial pairing of the two found its way in rituals of sexual nature intended to induceRead More …

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