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Rock Art in Israel

Rock Art archaeology research news. Astronomy and Myth in rock art.

Rock Art in Israel – Book Negev Desert Rock Art interpretation and their connections to Myth and Astronomy. The rock art research sheds a light on the ancient’s spiritual world especially its connection to ancient astronomy and myths. It illuminates how early man envisioned Creation, invented the first Calendar, and expressedRead More …

Rock Art Interpretation

rock art interpretation research archaeology news and deciphering

How to Interpret Rock Art? Rock Art interpretation in essence is an archaeology of the ancient mind. It represents the sorting and deciphering of ancient thoughts according to their historical content. Each rock art represents a thought bordering the imagination sphere bounded by the knowledge limit of the time. When interpretingRead More …

Astronomy and Rock Art

Rock Art Astronomy news. Venus Calendar rock art

Astronomy Rock Art from Negev Desert Israel. Archaeological research confirms that early astronomy references engraved on Negev Desert rock art influenced by Egypt and Sumer cultures. These ancient civilizations nurtured sky observations designed to interpret events in order to predict the future.  They tracked the sunrise and sunset, moon daily changes,Read More …

Rock Art Moon Calendars

rock art interpretation astronomy news. moon calendar rock art

Ancient Moon Calendars in Negev Desert Rock Art Ancient astronomy knowledge helped people to organize their life as evidenced by the invention of prehistoric lunar calendars about 30,000 years ago. Archaeological research confirms that the lunar calendar adapted first throughout the Ancient Near East. The rock art interpretation presented hereRead More …

Cosmic Egg Creation

Rock Art myth research news. Cosmis Egg Creation rock art

Cosmic Egg Creation in Rock Art, Negev Desert. Ancient Myths, Astronomy, and archaeology all attempted to explain the wonder of creation. Now, we can observe the recorded act of Creation in rock art engravings left for us from biblical time. No one witnessed creation but multiple versions exist in theRead More …

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