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Rock Art in Israel

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Rock Art in Israel – Book The new book explores the connection of Negev Desert Rock Art to Myth and Astronomy. It traces the Negev Desert pre-history by deciphering the pre-historic art as influenced by the ancient civilization of Egypt and Sumer. The deciphering sheds new light on the ancient’sRead More …

Deciphering Rock Art

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How to Decipher Rock Art? Rock Art opens for us an ancient unknown world made of very different thoughts and ideas that exist today. It has a shape of a fragmented story built from leftover pieces of memory floating in the realm of current experiences. Deciphering Rock Art of forgottenRead More …

Astronomy and Rock Art

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Astronomy Rock Art Early astronomy references engraved on Negev Desert rock art influenced by Egypt and Sumer cultures. These rock art recorded seasonal sky views and even mythical tales that explained nature behavior. Egypt and Sumer nurtured sky observations;  they followed their gods the luminaries,  in order to interpret theirRead More …

Maze and Rock Art

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Maze in Negev Desert Rock Art The maze in rock art with its convoluted paths describes visually certain hardship. The mind follows the maze of entangled paths with dissatisfaction since there is no apparent solution, and the viewer is left with the feeling of frustration.  The hidden intent of using thisRead More …

Comets and Rock Art

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Comets in Negev Desert Rock Art Rock Art is a visual medium used to record unusual events that evoked people’s curiosity and even fear. Heavenly events had additional meaning for the ancients they considered to be messages from their gods. Comet’s infrequent and sudden sky appearance equated as such thought,Read More …

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