Venus Calendar

Venus 8 year cycle Rockart

Venus 8 year cycle calendar

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The Venus cycle, of 8 years, played an important role in verifying the match between the Sun and Moon cycles, which elevated Venus ranks equal to this of the Moon and Sun in Mesopotamia. Its cycle decoded in Babylon 1500BC.   The myth The Exaltation of Inanna clearly states Venus role.

‘Oh divine mistress, may you be the one that shines over them, that they call you ‘divine source of all life’, at their sides (the Sun and the Moon), in your dominant position, may you gloriously accomplish your (celestial) crossing, even during the time that Sin and Utu are awake…’.

Venus Calendar in Negev Desert Rockart

This rock art creates an ingenious Venus 8-year calendar counter.  The wheel has 12 cavities used as a month counter. The 8 branches plant counts the years. The counter is used as follows: A stone added to one cavity for every lunar month that passed. When the wheel filled with twelve stones, it marks the completion of one lunar year.

The wheel is then cleared and a stone is added to one of the 8 plant branches. A new count of twelve months begins again until all the plant branches are filled; this marks the Venus 8-year cycle completion. In this scene on the right, Venus riding re-enters the heavenly gate to begin a new cycle.


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