Cosmic Egg Creation

Cosmis Egg Creation Rock art

Cosmic Egg and the Biblical Creation in Rock Art, Negev Desert.

The mind can’t accept unknown and how creation occurred is just one of them. We can see this bewilderment in the imagination of different cultures where multiple creation myths existed in the ancient world with similar elements and over time they diffused into each other. These creation motifs include symbols of primeval chaos, wind, water, a primary nature forces. In the region of Egypt, in Hermopolis a provincial capital in Old Kingdom 2500BC, and Canaan (see Canaanite Creation) a myth circulated that Creation spontaneously occurred from a Cosmic Egg, an ancient logic since the egg contains all the ingredients needed to create new life.

Creation Myth Symbols

In many myths, creation emerges from a state of chaos transformed into order and in this act the Godly powers intervene to form life.  Creation, as described by many ideas, results in the fusion of life main elements: wind, earth, and water, since these are the ingredients needed to sustain life. The Bible describes the conditions prior to creation: Genesis 1-2:…” darkness was over the deep, and the God Wind was hovering over the face of waters“.  A similar idea is expressed in Sumer in the epic story Enuma Elish:  “…When in the height heaven was not named, And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name, And the primeval Apsu, who begat them, And chaos, Tiamat, the mother of them both,- Their waters were mingled together...”

Rock Art interpretation

The creation scene presented in Fig.1 contains the elements that play a central role in this epic myth: The Godly Wind, Earth, and Water. The symbols descriptions as seen in this presentation, from left to right: Time wheel derived from the apparent rotation of stars around North Star creates the godly wind, the creator energy.  The Ibex, in the center, (see Ibex and Rockart) represents the earth/fertility god that holds the primeval water in his hollow belly that resembles a container of water. To the ibex right, a man and a woman floating in the air. The woman seems torn from the man’s body, see the extrusion in the man ribs pointed by the woman’s hand,  and a circle/egg grows out from her body.

Fig1. Cosmic Egg Creation, Negev Desert Israel

Fig1. Cosmic Egg Creation, rock art Negev Desert Israel

The creation act engraved progress from left to right as follows: The wheel of time generates the godly wind and the chaos energy, which fuses with a stream of water sprouting from the ibex belly. The water splashing all over, see the dots, reaching the ibex horns and the man hand mingling them together. That’s the fusion of wind and lower water that creates a man that in turn creates a woman, from the man ribs,  giving birth to the cosmic egg as seen in Fig.1.

The creation myth presented here combines a diffusion of two different myths into one. A Biblical myth transitional stage blended with an idea of Canaanite myth. The scene left side reminds the Biblical man/woman creation story and the right side represents the idea of Canaanite cosmic egg creation.

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