Rock Art  Gallery

The Rock Art Images feature deciphered rock art from Israel's Negev Desert. Years of research unraveled their meaning, providing us with rich historical and cultural content. These are real untouched images with our interpretation (click them to read more). The actual image sizes may vary, about 15X10 cm. Take time and observe these rock art images carefully. They represent profound wisdom colored with ancient perceptions of the world. Don't be fooled by their primitive style.

You can read more about our decipherings in the Articles section or in the book Rock Art in Israel  available online

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Desert Boats
Venus Calendar
Ibex Hunt
Orion & Eridanus
Winter Skies
Fish Underworld Journey
Sacred Marriage
Heading layer

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Bird Afterlife Journey
Venus Calendar
Canaanite Creation
Baal and Mot cycle
Hercules and Stampilian Bird
Summer Sky
Maze and Birds
Heavenly Gate
Moon Calendar
Afterlife Journey
Bootes Seasons
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