Rock Art in Israel

Rockart engravings are spread throughout the Negev  Desert. Most of them small   about 20-40 cm. The engraving is done on the rock , with a sharp tool, which removes the dark patina layer and exposes the natural rock color thus forming the image. There are many rock art types including: hunting, praying and unrecognized symbols some of them contain short inscriptions in ancient  Hebrew script ,mainly the names of god. The ibex is the ultimate star and it appears on 80% of the rockart.

Many   rock art subjects repeat  and the engraving look the same as in other places in the world. It looks like they were engraved by the same artist displaying the same story. Their inspiration was probably the same despite the geographical separation. Apparently they were copied from the same source.  The sky and stars are the same in every corner of the world and therefore its twin representation on earth  is the rock art engraving.