Pray  Rock Art


The ancients followed the movement of  stars religiously and tried to record their position in order to predict the future and  fate. The belief was that the stars were gods watching and worshiping them was common in the ancient world.


The periodic movement of the sun, moon, and the stars was a science and astrology flourished. The belief was that the position of stars , birth date of a person, determined his fate and therefore man was always obliged to pacify nature’s forces, the gods, in order to get their support and blessing.


In Sumer, it was common practice to leave small statues in the temple as a reminder to the gods of the constant regard they were awarded. Short messages like "I'm thinking of you" or "I pray for you" were inscribed on the statues as a reminder  of  the beliver devotion. In prayer, the ancients expressed their  hope that the gods in turn would protect them.