Mount Karkom


There are 40,000 rockart  engravings In Mount Karkom that are mystery. Together they create a blurry   picture of the past.  It is located in the Central Negev Desert Israel and the archaeological evidence of religious activity is in abundance. This includes sanctuaries, altars, tombs, tumuli and rockart.  All this indicates that it had been a sacred mountain in the Middle Bronze Age. The desert nomads worshipped it over 5000 years ago. Its holiness coincides with the time of biblical events of Exodus. Many archeological remains on Mount Karkom are evidence of its glorious past .



Our jeep tour to Mount Karkom explores these questions.  Archeological evidence found here suggests that Mount Karkom was a cult center and a sacred mountain. The combination of nature tour and a possible identification of Mount Karkom as Mount Sinai creates an atmosphere for an exciting tour .