Your Guide


I began working as a tour guide, the Negev Desert Israel, in 1998 without a clue where it will lead me to. The connection with the desert surprised me there was a feeling of rejuvenation something new and exciting. I started a jeep tour company that specialized in quality jeep tours or as I fondly call them tours full of fun.


More than any  archeological findings   the rock engravings, rock art, attracted me magically. I needed to decipher it and had to understand what they say! 15 years passed until I wrote the book Heavenly Art  that deal with this mystery. In the process I found that it is more difficult to understand the past than the future.


ιδεγδ - λψλεν θιεμι β'ιτιν


Guide          : Yehuda Rotblum

Residence   : Mitzpe Ramon , Israel

Children      : 3 that I'm proud of Talia, Gil, Amir

Education   : MSEE Electrical Engeeniring. Certified tour guide

Hobbies      : Pre-History of Israel and to find the world secret

I like            : Simplicity