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After a career in high tech, I began working as a tour guide in the Negev Desert Israel in 1998, without a clue where it will lead me to. By unknown force the rock art, the silent archeological artifacts spread all over the desert attracted me. I had a feeling of rejuvenation and excitement, that equals the drama of opening a Pandora Box. Thousands of hours guiding and traversing the desert gave me a unique understanding of the life played here. More than any archeological findings the rock engravings, rock art, attracted me magically. I had a strong urge to decipher them and had to understand what they say! 15 years passed until I wrote the book, Heavenly Art, that unraveled this mystery of Rockart, It was followed by a second book Rockart in Israel which brought much more organized thoughts to this subject. In the process, I found that it is more difficult to understand the past than the future.

Rockart in Israel

The book explores the connection of Negev Desert RockArt to Myths and Astronomy. Many Rock Art reveal us the ancients spiritual world and how they envisioned  Creation, how the used Calendars, their pilgrimage customs and even their desire to reach Paradise. Rockart is a  pictorial language, which reconstructs the beliefs and myths perpetuated long ago. Rockart is the twin brother of mythology and magic it combines fantasy and reality, which is illustrated by hunting scenes, battles, campaigns in heaven, prayer, and God's war. These scenes explain natural phenomena and the cyclical behavior of the world. To truly understand this pre-historic art, it should be interpreted as an expression of worship and faith. It may be simply stated that: Decoding Rockart, in essence, decodes the ancients belief .

The book Rock Art in Israel is available online.


Rockart in Israel voon front page

Rockart in Israel available in English and Hebrew

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  1. Shellie Jacobson says:

    I am an artist and was in Mehiya in 2017 with a group of friends and Uri Roll from Ben Gurion U. I was so taken by the imagery close up that I am creating a Glyph Journal to capture my experience. It is an artist book with original monotype drawings which are my interpretations of the images I saw. Because I want to learn more about rock art I’m signing up for your newsletter.

    • admin says:

      Dear Shelly you are now on our mailing list.
      I’m curious about your work with the rockart and your project the Glyph Journal.
      What I found is that understanding the rockart meaning enhances its artistic interpretation.
      I’ll be happy to assist you in this respect.
      Currently, I have ongoing two art projects. One is the postcards and the second is painting the original rockart on stone. You can see both examples of my art on my site.
      Good luck and welcome!

      Thank you, Yehuda

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