(Yehuda Rotblum wearing the yellow vest) After a career in high tech in 1998, I began working as a tour guide in the Negev Desert Israel, without any idea what the future would hold. I was fascinated by the enigmatic Negev Desert rock art, which prompted me to research them. Together with the Negev Desert Rock Art forum, I started this journey with zero knowledge and slowly developed a rock art deciphering method and its categories.  

Seasonal drawings of constellations

Hunting scenes depicting imaginary struggles

Regional Mythology   

The Sun journey myth

The countless hours I spent traversing the desert gave me an understanding of the life played here as manifested by thousands of rock engravings.  I wrote my first book, Heavenly Art, 15 years ago, which unraveled this mystery of Rock Art, and five years later I wrote my second book, Rock Art in Israel, a ripe and organized version that clarified the methods of Rock Art deciphering. In the process, I found that the ancients had deep-sky knowledge and their ideas extend even to the present time. In this journey, I found that it is more difficult to understand the past than the future.

My work is fresh and original with a strong attachment to known regional myths. The rock art deciphered here has historical roots that confirm its authenticity by linking them to mythology or astronomy. In the many articles posted here, rock art is explained with clarity, avoiding long sentences and entwined ideas, thus validating humbly my interpretation. I share my knowledge openly with you with the hope that it will benefit us all. Share your thoughts with me at israelrockart@gmail.com ..