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Rock Art, Petroglyphs, are pre-historic pictures engraved on rocks pre-dating the appearance of a script. Thousands of rock art are scattered across the Negev Desert freezing a mysterious chapter waiting to unravel. Rock art has been generally interpreted as primitive art but it is much more. It is a complete ancient story spiced with wisdom that we can't fully understand today.

Our goal, in assembling this site, is to decipher the rock art cryptic message, to document the forgotten chapter in our history. Indeed, our original deciphering, as presented in our site, does it! Browse through our Rock Art Galleries and Articles to gain pictorial and textual description of Rock Art presented here. We will be grateful if you Send us your impression of the site content. Excellent book titled Rock Art in Israel complements our Negev Desert Rock Art research, is available online.

  • And when they come back and look at the sun and moon, that by their hands come the summer and winter and exchange spring and fall, they adopted the hypothesis that the reasons for all things that grow and are born every year out of the ground are due to the rounds of the stars in the sky. ------ Philo of Alexandria.
  • I look at the sunrise and sunset, the daily return of the day and night, the struggle between light and darkness, with all the drama of the sun every detail, every day, every month, every year, in heaven and on earth the sun is the main theme of Egyptian mythology. ------ Sir Peter le Page Renouf -----
  • I am mortal but a moment when I look at the stars in the sky and then on the country I stand. Touching my Maker and my life is drinking the eternal.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ptolemy Claudius, Alexandria in 150 A.D. -----
  • Mythology opens the world to the mysterious. It draws from the cosmological world. It connects different parts of the universe and produces the sense of awe about the universe in a man. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Joseph Campbell ------
  • “Oh divine mistress, may you be the one that shines over them, that they call you ‘divine source of all life’, at their sides (that of the Sun and of the Moon), in your dominant position, may you gloriously accomplish your (celestial) crossing, even during the time that Sin and Utu are awake… " ---------The Exaltation of Inanna-----------
  • For all men have some conception of the nature of the gods, and all who believe in the existence of gods at all, whether barbarian or Greek, agree in allotting the highest place to the deity, surely because they suppose that immortal is linked with immortal and regard any other supposition as impossible. ---“On the Heavens” Aristotle -----
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